Zoological Society of London Gold MedalThis gold medal was awarded to Jack Cotton in 1963 for his generous contribution to the development of London Zoo.

Jack Cotton was born on 1st January 1903 in Birmingham. He worked as a property developer and after a number of successful projects and mergers his company became the world’s largest in property. His most notable project was the Pan Am building in New York, which, when opened was the largest commercial office space in the world.

The May 1960 edition of the British Medical Journal reported that Jack Cotton donated £250,000 to London Zoo and stated that it was the biggest donation ever made to the Zoo.

The Cotton Terraces at London Zoo were opened in 1963 by HRH The Duke of Edinburgh and can still be visited today.

Another example of this medal is on public view in the vaults of Woburn Abbey. The example on display was awarded to Herbrand Russell, 11th Duke of Bedford as a long standing benefactor to the Zoo and President of the Zoological Society from 1899 to 1936.