Anne, Pattern Silver Farthing, 1713Ex Old Collection of British Farthings (Baldwin’s, 27 September 2012) lot 77, realised £2,480.

Ex P. H. Westbrook (Seabys 27, 16 March 1983) lot 153.

Ex C. W. Peck (SNC, January 1970) lot 680.

Ex A. J. West (purchased by Spink, 1961)

Ex J. O. Manton (Sothebys, 10 February 1947) lot 109.

Ex C. E. G. Mackerell (Sothebys, 14 May 1906) lot 120.

Mr C. Wilson Peck who once owned this coin notes the following regarding the condition of the dies – “The reverses almost invariably have a flaw on the toothed border above the niche … The heavier of the two BM gold specimens and the recorded copper piece both show the flaw in the later stage. Only one specimen (in silver, Hunter Collection) has yet been found without this flaw, which probably developed quite rapidly, causing the die to break after only a few restrikes had been made – hence the rarity of these pieces in all metals.”