Charles I, Unite, 1645-6Ex J. G. Brooker Collection (sold by Spink from 1979) Plate XII, no.121.

Ex. Bridgewater House Collection (Sotheby & Co. 15th June 1972) lot 101 – unusually fine and full, the portrait well defined and very rare.

A precise date for the formation of the Bridgewater House Collection cannot be positively ascertained for whilst it is known that Scrope, fourth Earl of Bridgewater continued adding to a collection left to him by his father, John, third Earl (1646-1701), it appears that the family interest in numismatics began even earlier with John, second Earl (1622-1686). Thus, although the collection cannot be credited to any single member of the Bridgewater family, it is certainly of the eighteenth century, a fact borne out by there being only five coins dated after 1740 in the whole cabinet.